Release Notes 3.40

The latest ActivTrak release addresses a couple of tweaks to the screenshots functionality, a number of smaller user experience updates based on feedback from customers, and various bug fixes to improve the product. 

  • Screenshots 
    • Redaction:  Customers using Redaction can now redact three additional information types including credit card track number, Germany Schufa identification number, Italy fiscal code number.
    • Deleting all screenshots can delete a lot of critical information. We’ve made the warning message stronger to make sure customers don’t accidentally delete everything by mistake. 
  • Minor tweaks
    • Alarm logs for each alarm are now easily accessible by clicking on the name of the alarm on the Alarms page.
    • The storage page now links directly to the activity log to easily access the end users’ full activity.
    • On the Groups page, "All Users" is now "All Users and Computers" 
    • On Pending Categorization (on the dashboard) Websites are now the default selection in lieu of "Applications".
    • When updating computer aliases without saving changes, the confirmation modal will warn customers to save their changes so that they don’t lose their work.
    • All support links now consistently link to our ticketing system to make it easier to see all your support tickets in one place.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug in the video recording settings.
    • Fixed a bug where the productivity report widget was not auto-switching graph types when changing grouping timeframe.
    • Fixed a bug where the Top Users/Groups widget wasn't refreshing when the filters changed.
    • Fixed a bug where the shift-click functionality for checkboxes wasn't working on Firefox or Edge browsers

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