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Block a Website

Navigate to the Blocking page in the sidebar.


We’ll have two views we can work in, Groups and Domains.


Inside Groups, we can choose who the blocked websites will apply to.


By Default, we’ll have the option for “All Computers”, but if we wanted to, we could create a  separate group.



Once we’ve named the group, we can decide who is in it. Any computer that is currently reporting will appear on this screen, we just need to click the box next to their name, and click “Add Members”.


As a side note, any groups we create here can be managed in Settings > Groups. You can add specific users here as well.


Now that we’ve selected who we want the Blocking list to apply to, we’ll want to select what we want blocked.



Click on “Add Domains” and you’ll be able to select from a list of commonly blocked websites, as well as any domains that have been detected by the agent. Simply click the box next to the domain(s) you want to be added, and click “Add”.


Once we’re done adding domains, we can click “Apply” in the top right corner, and the changes will go into effect within about fifteen to twenty minutes.


We also have the option to work from the “Domains” view.



Here, we can add our own custom domains if we have some that have not been seen by the agent yet, as well as delete any that have been seen. 



Once we’ve added our domains, we can choose who to apply the blocking to: Everyone, or any pre-set groups we’ve created.


A great example of this in action would be if you had a group of managers that you wanted to have unrestricted access to the internet and only limit their direct reports. You could create a group for the managers, one for the direct reports, and only add the direct reports to this list.


Once we’ve made all the selections needed, just click Apply in the top right and they will go into effect shortly.


To remove blocked websites from either view, just click the minus symbol next to the domain or group, and click Apply.


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Tyler Winn