Integrating Active Directory with ActivTrak

In order to integrate ActivTrak with Active Directory, you will utilize Group Policy. You can create a Group Policy Object (GPO) and send it to a Group. This group should contain computers, as our MSI installs at the machine level.


To create a Group specifically for the machines you want to monitor, right-click in ADUC and click on New>Group. For our example, we have named it ActivTrak. This will be a security group. Add the machines in which you wish to monitor.



Once you have created the OU, or are using an already pre-configured one, you will want to open Group Policy Objects. Create a New GPO from here, for our article, we have titled it ActivTrak. Under Security Filtering, you will want to set this to go to the OU we created earlier, or all machines, whichever you choose.



 Right Click and Edit the GPO, and under Computer Configuration> Software Deployment, right-click and hit add in the screen on the right. Browse to a network resource where the ActivTrak Agent MSI for your account is stored. For example, \\Server1\applications\ActivTrak


Once added, reboot your network machines in order to propagate the software to the computers. Review the dashboard as your users are logging in to ensure proper deployment and active monitoring.

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