Adding & Managing Individual’s Access to Your ActivTrak Account

You can control access rights to your ActivTrak account including admin or more limited viewer or read-only access. In order to invite individuals to the account, you are prompted upon account creation to invite. If your account is already established or you wish to add or remove users, an admin of the account can go to Account>Access.


Access Roles

You can learn more about access Roles in this article 

Access Page Summary

Once on this page, you can see the groups to which users have viewable access and who have SSO enabled for login requirements indicated with a checkbox. If a user forgets their password, or you need to change it, you can do so from this page as well.



At the top of the page, you can also invite a new user by creating a new ActivTrak ID and/or delete a user if necessary (e.g. no longer with the organization).

Adding Users

Clicking on ‘New ActivTrak ID’, you will get an invite dialog box where you invite by email the user which you want to have access to view the ActivTrak data. You can also choose their role on this page as well.




If you choose to make a user an admin, remember they will have access to all settings and view all data within the ActivTrak account. We have a security audit log where everything is logged in order for you to ensure compliance.

If you choose to NOT make the user an admin, they will receive their invite, but will not be able to view any data until you assign the user a viewable group.




By clicking on the ‘Viewable Groups’ button by any user, you will be able to view all groups you have created within ActivTrak. You can assign either a selected group to view or give the ability to view all data for ‘All Users and Computers’ on the ActivTrak account.



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