Granting Data Access to Employees

ActivTrak can be used to help employees see and understand their productivity level, and if so desired, the productivity of their peers.

If using this guide to add another Admin or Configurator, skip to Step 5 since these roles have access to all User and Group data and cannot be assigned specific Viewable Groups.

How-to Guide:

1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Groups.

2. Click on "Create Group" and choose whether to create the group within ActivTrak or upload a group from a .csv file.

3a. If you chose the upload method, please refer to this guide.

3b. If you did not choose the upload method, click the "Add Members" button once you've named the group and check the desired user(s) on the USERS tab. You can also add the user's computer to the group by selecting the COMPUTERS tab. Click "Next" to review, then click "Create".

4. Now that there is a group for the employee to view, we need to give them access to ActivTrak. Navigate to Settings > Access > App Access.

5. Click on "New ActivTrak ID" at the top of the screen.

6. When prompted, fill in the user's first name, last name, and the email they will use to login. Then assign them a User Role to determine which dashboards, reports, and settings they can access or configure. (You can customize User Roles according to your organization's needs by following the steps in this article.)

7. Next select which groups this user can access. Check the box next to the group created in steps 1-3 and then click "Confirm."

Note: Admins and Configurators have access to all User and Group data by default. Power Users and Viewers will not see data populated in the account until they have been assigned a Viewable Group.

8. Now the user will be listed on the App Access page, along with the groups they are allowed to view. From this page, we can also change their password or add/remove viewable groups. The end-user will get an email welcoming them to ActivTrak, with instructions to create a password and access the account.

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