Granting Data Access to Employees

ActivTrak can be used to help employees see and understand their productivity, and if so desired, the productivity of their peers.

In order to grant them access to this data, there are two steps we must take. 

First, we need to decide what groups we are going to want them to have access to.  To do this, navigate to Settings > Groups.


Here we will click on "Add New Group" at the top of the page and name it. If we're just giving the employee access to their own reports, we might name the group after them (for example, "Tony").

Once the group is created, click on the group name and then click "Add Members".


Find Tony's user on the list and click "Add Members".


If you wish to grant this user access to other employees, we would check the boxes next to their names as well.

Now that we've created a group for them to view, we need to give them access to ActivTrak.

To do this, go to Account > Access.

Here, click on "New ActivTrak ID" at the top of the screen and enter the email they will use to log in to


Make sure the "make admin" box is not checked, or else they will have full access to the account, including the ability to make changes to things like alarms.

Once you click ok, you will be prompted to select which groups this user can access. Check the box next to the group we created in the first step and then click "Save".



Now that user will be listed under Access, along with the groups they are allowed to view.


From this page, we can also change their password or add/remove viewable groups. Your end-user will get an email welcoming them to ActivTrak and help them with creating their own password. 

Upon logging into, they will be able to see the same reports an admin user would, but only for themselves (or anyone else assigned to their group). They cannot make/edit alarms, change any account settings, or view reports for other users.

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