Setup USB Alarms

ActivTrak's USB alarm feature allows customers on paid plans to capture when their users have either inserted a USB storage device or written to one. It is important to note that the ActivTrak agent does NOT have access to anything written on a USB device. In the event that the alarm is triggered for a user, we suggest taking a look at the user's Activity Log to get a better idea of their activities around the time the alarm was triggered.

How To:

1. Navigate to Alarms > Configuration and click the Create a  New Alarm button to make a USB Alarm.

2. Name the alarm then select USB Alarm.

3. For a USB Alarm, we recommend being notified when a USB is inserted, and when storage is written to. This keeps account administrators updated on what data is going where. 

4. Screenshots and notifications can also be enabled. The items in notifications that can be pre-filled  are:

  • Time - The time the activity occurred
  • User - Username of the person triggering the alarm
  • Computer - The name of the machine the user is using


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