Release Notes Mac Agent 7.0

ActivTrak is releasing Agent 7.0 today to support the latest macOS version as well as enhancements including improved URL capture rules, and Real-time thumbnail performance enhancements.

Catalina Support
ActivTrak Agent 7.0 now supports the latest macOS version 10.15 Catalina. Catalina includes additional security measures and, in particular, notifications to users when an application takes a screenshot. To reduce the chance that this macOS notification reveals the ActivTrak agents’ presence to users who are unaware, 7.0 forces a screenshot to be taken at installation so that the administrator can grant screenshot permissions.

Improved URL capture
This latest macOS agent release includes improved URL capture ensuring more reliability of URL triggered alarms and website blocking features.

Bug Fix: A bug was fixed to ensure Real-time Thumbnails will be more reliably shown.

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