Release Notes 3.43

ActivTrak 3.43 includes a new report highlighting when monitored users start and stop working each day. This release also includes an update to the mobile configuration pages and a few bug fixes.

Working Hours Report

ActivTrak’s new working hours report highlights the time of each monitored employee’s first and last activity per day so managers can keep an eye on employee’s hours day-to-day. The hours an individual employee works are typically routine and consistent, but routines can be disrupted when under pressure to complete a project and immediately after. Keeping an eye on employees who have worked unusually long hours and encouraging them to take a break helps guide your high performers from burning out. The Working Hours Report is available in Advanced plans only.

In addition, ActivTrak agents report in only when the employee is active and won’t report when the employee is not using their computer. This new report shows the employees’ last activity logged even on days when the employee is not using their computer. This allows you to verify if the user is out of the office or their agent isn’t working properly. Don't have an Agent reporting in? Click here for more troubleshooting tips on this subject. 


In this view, you’ll see the working hours report filtered for one group of users. Notice each user has a line for each day. You can click on the computer or user name to see that users’ activities within the activity log. 


In the above view of the Working Hours report, we’ve filtered to see one employee’s working hours over the last 30 days. Notice that on the weekends there is no data for first and last activities, however, the last activity log shows the last time the agent reported in to verify it is reporting into ActivTrak correctly. 


Note: The Working Hours Report has been released in beta to allow users to preview this new report and provide feedback on additional features. Please let us know what you think about this new report and any enhancements you’d like to see by using the messenger in the bottom right hand corner.



Additional Changes:

  • The mobile view to configure screenshot and video alarms has been improved to make it easier to see the details on alarms that have been created. 
  • Fixed bugs in 
    • The Top Users/Groups report to ensure the graph works properly when viewing in Top Groups.
    • Checkout process to prevent errors
    • Links from storage page now filtered activity log by computer name
    • Minor graphical bug issues

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