Release notes 3.42

ActivTrak 3.42 includes two new features:

Alarms can now be configured for one or more specific groups in lieu of the full organization or specific individuals. This is the first step in developing features that allow customization in monitoring users based on the ActivTrak or Active Directory group membership.

Create a group based alarm (available on Advanced Plans)

Create a group-based alarm just as you would create a standard Activity Alarm: navigate to the Alarms page, click “Create New Alarm” and select Activity alarm. Use the new Group Alarm section to search for one or more groups. From there, set up your alarm using the conditions and notification settings as you have before.


Alarm Name Parameter (All Plans)

Users can now add the alarm name to the subject or body of email notifications for each alarm. Adding this parameter will make it easier for users to know which alarm was fired and find the corresponding instances of the alarm within the Alarm Log.


Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features for alarms, release 3.42 also includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug to ensure the user filter shows on all pages.
  • Fixed a bug to ensure tooltips show for group members within filters.
  • Fixed a bug to ensure user name parameters display correctly within alarms notification emails.

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