Install ActivTrak Chrome Extension using Google Workspaces

The ActivTrak Chrome agent can be remotely deployed if your organization uses Google Workspaces. 

You will need to have access to an admin-level email in order to make these changes.


  • Log into and click on “Devices”


  • Next, click on “Chrome Management”


  • Select “Apps & Extensions”


  • You’ll see a blank page where you can assign apps and extensions to anyone in your organization.
    • Click on the yellow “ + “ symbol and select “Add from Chrome Web Store”.


  • Search for  “ActivTrak” and click the blue “Select” button.


  • Now you will see ActivTrak listed on your dashboard.
    • Under Installation Policy, open the drop-down menu and select either “Force Install” or “Force Install + Pin”.


This will force ActivTrak to install in Chrome for anyone logged in with an email managed by your organization.

You will still need to add the email to be tracked. This article will explain how that process works.


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