Creating and Managing Groups

In order to set up groups, you will need to go here. Once on the Settings>Groups page, you can add a new group, or add new members to an existing group,


Once you click on Add New Group, you will be greeted with a naming box. You may name it whatever you like, and you will click OK in order to finish creating it.


Once the group is created and named, you can click on the group in the list below and find the users or computers you would like to add to the list, as shown below. You will want to select the left checkbox in order to add them to the group. You can also filter the list and use the select all box in the top left in order to bulk add a user to a group.


On the right-hand side of the page, you can remove previously added members from the group and retroactively view reports. 


If you are on Active Directory, groups will automatically be added to your account. If you wish to view only your ActivTrak created groups or your imported Active Directory groups, you can click on the filter button pictured below. You may also use the Enable Active Directory Groups feature and disable viewing of AD Groups as well.


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