Creating and Managing Groups

Utilizing ActivTrak's Group feature is useful for viewing a specific team's data, allowing team leads to view their team's data, creating alarms for only specific users, and website blocking. 

1. In order to set up groups, navigate to Settings> Users & Groups > Groups in the dashboard.

2. To create a group, click Create Group. Then name the group when prompted.

3. Next select Add Members. This will prompt a box of users and computers, select the necessary users and computers. Click Next and then click Create Group when prompted.


4. To add more users or computers to a group, select the group you wish to edit and click the Add Member button in the top-left corner of the page. A pop-up box will appear for you to select users and computers. 

5. Similarly, to remove users from a group, select the group you wish to edit. Once you are on the group's editing page, find the user or computer that needs to be removed. Click on the ellipses next to the user or computer then select remove.

6. If utilizing Active Directory, groups will automatically be added to the dashboard. Enable and disable viewing the Active Directory groups with the settings wheel in the top right-hand corner. 


7. To filter the groups select the All button at the top right and select a filter. 

8. Search by group name, computer or user name so you can quickly find a particular group out of 100s of groups or all groups where a user or computer is a member.

9. To delete a group select the ellipses next to the group you want to delete and click delete.

10. You may also bulk delete groups. This action is similar to the bulk actions within Classification, select multiple items you wish to delete by clicking on the box next to the item you wish to delete, then click on Delete Group in the top-right corner of the page.

Download Groups CSV

Added 3-June-2021

To export all your Groups, Grouped Users, and Ungrouped Users in a single file, click the Download button and select Download CSV.


Groups export contains these fields:

group_id ActivTrak assigned ID
group_name Customer defined
user_id ActivTrak assigned ID
user_alias Customer defined
logon_domain Computer/network assigned
user_name Computer/network assigned

Note that users can appear multiple times if they belong to multiple groups. The export also contains groups with no users (user fields are blank) and users unassigned to groups (group fields left blank).

Upload Groups & Assignments in Bulk

Added 7-July-2021

You can also upload a CSV to create new groups and assign users to groups. For details on how you can leverage this feature, along with some tips to get started, check out this article

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