Creating and Managing Groups

Utilizing ActivTrak's Group feature is useful for viewing a specific team's data, allowing team leads to view their team's data, creating alarms for only specific users, and website blocking. 

1. In order to set up groups, or navigate to Settings> Users & Groups > Groups in the dashboard.

2. To create a group, click on Add New Group. Then name the group when prompted and click OK.

3. To add users to a group, click on the group in the list. Then click the Add Members button. Find the users or computers you would like to add to the list and select them.


NOTE: You can also filter the list and use the select all box in the top left in order to bulk add a user to a group.

4. To remove users from a group, click on the Remove button on the right-hand side next to the user's name. 

5. If utilizing Active Directory, groups will automatically be added to the dashboard. To view only the ActivTrak created groups or the Active Directory groups use the Type filter.

Enable and disable viewing the Active Directory groups with the toggle button in the top right-hand corner. 


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