External Notifications Log (Webhooks)

When you send an External Notification with the Alarms Feature, the status of this gets logged in the External Notifications Log


The status of a webhook can do one of two things. 

1) Go from Pending to Delivered, indicating successful payload delivery


2) Go from Pending to Failed, indicated non-successful Payload Deliver.

The Webhook log will state what alarm triggered the webhook, at what time, and how many attempts were taken to deliver the webhook to the destination you set. 

If the webhook fails to be delivered, you will see the Eye icon next to failed go from Grey to Blue.


Clicking this will display the reason for the webhook failing. in our example below, the reason the webhook failed was due to missing information in the Payload.


On the far right of the grid, a copy of the payload that was sent is displayed and you can click on the Eye icon to view the entire payload in JSON format.

To learn more about how to create an alarm with a webhook, please take a look at this Webhook article.

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