Release Notes 3.44

ActivTrak 3.44 includes two new improvements requested by customers.  We now display idle time within the Top Users report displayed both on the dashboard and within the reports. In addition, admins now have the ability to turn off real-time screen views.

Idle time enhancements Top Users/Groups graphs

Idle time is recorded and displayed throughout the product illustrating the time a monitored user is away from their computer and keyboard. Idle time often occurs when a user is in a meeting, on the phone, walked away from their computer for a break, and does not imply the user is not being productive nor not working. They are simply away from their computer.  


Our customers typically report referencing idle time to better understand how often their monitored users are not actively using their computers. As such, several customers have asked to more explicitly show idle time alongside productive and unproductive time so we have added idle time to the Top Users graph. 

Admins ability to disable Real-time screen views

Real-time monitoring provides a live data stream of the active window on any monitored device's screen. Data is displayed in individual rows with information on the open website or application, how long the user has been there, and every other data point the software captures.

In addition to the activity data, real-time thumbnails display an image of the monitored user’s screen. With this release, account admins now have the ability to disable showing these thumbnails to protect the monitored user’s private data and protect sensitive information from being accidentally shared.

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