Release Notes 3.45

ActivTrak release 3.45 includes a variety of iterative improvements throughout the app. Notably, we have added exports to the new Working Hours report to allow users to access and analyze this data outside the ActivTrak app. In addition, we’ve made a few minor UI adjustments and fixed minor bugs.

Exporting Working Hours

(available on Advanced Plans)

Our newest report, Working Hours, highlights the time of each monitored employee’s first and last activity per day so managers can keep an eye on employee’s hours day-to-day. Starting today, you can now export this data as a CSV or save it directly to Google drive.

Note: The Working Hours Report has been released in beta to allow users to preview this new report and provide feedback on additional features. Please let us know what you think about this new report and any enhancements you’d like to see.

UI Adjustments

  • Top Users report now includes the user’s Active Time which displays the total duration of productive, unproductive, and undefined time spent on sites and applications.
  • Alarms with multiple screenshots can now be easily recognized by the multiple screenshots icon within both the Activity and Alarm Logs.  
  • Group Type icons are now visible within the Access page to allow for easier distinction between ActiveDirectory and ActivTrak groups.
  • Minor changes to error messages.
  • New accounts now view a variety of new default alarms displaying the full functionality of our alarm capabilities.
  • The new and improved Help Center is now easily accessible via navigating to Help > Help Center.
  • When new updates are posted in Help > Latest Updates, the navigation will be highlighted so you can easily see when we have released new updates to the app and agents.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where columns were missing from the Working Hours report within mobile views.
  • Fixed a bug that impacted spacing on the login page for mobile users.
  • Minor fixes to how undefined time was displaying for a few customers.

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