Single-Day Productivity Report

The Single-Day productivity report gives you insight into what your users are doing throughout the day. Based on the most used activity in an interval, it will display a time block as either Productive in Green, Unproductive in Purple, or Passive in light purple, light green, or light grey. The color difference in Passive Time is based on how the user's last activity is classified.


This report will also allow you to select Strict Mode in which any time interval that has an unproductive activity in it will be marked as purple, regardless of the amount of time spent in that unproductive activity. 

You can also modify the time that is displayed to accommodate a regular working schedule or shift employees.

Changing the interval will simply change the size of the blocks displayed in the graph. You can also sort the users by the total amount of Productive, Unproductive, or Total time spent on the machine for a quick glance at the day.

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