What Is Screenshot Redaction?

Screenshot Redaction is an Add-on Feature that sends captured screenshots through an algorithm and redacts sensitive information by category using InfoTypes. An InfoType is a type of sensitive data, such as a name, email address, telephone number, Identification Number, Credit Card Number, etc. This will have a black line marked through it to where this information will not be visible to anyone. 

Below is a screenshot of the Redaction page. Users can configure selected Global information to be redacted, as well as things specifically pertaining to the United States. This feature is customizable for almost anything sensitive in which you'd like to ensure is not visible once the image is taken. 



As you can see from the image above, on the right, there are usage statistics for you to be able to track how much Data Processing limits are calculated and where you are at with how much processing storage you have left for the remainder of the term in which you purchased Redaction for. 

An example of a redacted screenshot is below, where data/time and URL have been obscured. 


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