New Activity Screenshot

The New Activity Screenshot Alarm is one of the default alarms in all accounts so any admin can easily turn it on to begin receiving screenshots for each user's activities. This article is a step-by-step guide on how we created the alarm if you prefer to create your own or have a better understanding of how it works. 


How To:

1. Navigate to the Alarms > Configuration on the Dashboard and click on Create New Alarm. 

2. The new alarm pop-up will appear on the screen to input a name for the alarm. Then choose the Activity alarm option.

3. Once on the Alarm configurations page the title created will be on the top right. If the account is an advanced trial or advanced paid, below the title will be an option to apply the Alarm to specific groups only. The default is set to All Users and Computers.

4. Under conditions, selecting Match All will force all conditions to need to be met for action is triggered. For this example, we have created a Duration condition where an activity must be active for 60 seconds. 

5. Once the conditions have been set properly, actions will become configurable. To set a screenshot to be captured, simply toggle the Screen Capture button on the left-hand side of the actions menu. Below is an option for screen capture.  

6. Although we do not recommend them for this specific alarm, a pop-up message to the user or an email to an admin can also be enabled.

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