Get Notified When a User Tries to Access a Blocked Website

All accounts now come with a variety of default alarms that display the full functionality of our alarm capabilities. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to recreate this Blocked Website alarm.


How To: 

1. First, go to the Alarms > Configuration on the Dashboard and click on Create New Alarm. 

2. Once the new alarm page has been brought up, the title created for the alarm will be in the top left. On an advanced trial or plan, below the title, there is an option to select specific groups to apply the alarm to. The default is set to All Users and Computers.

NOTE: Our Blocking Feature, we will redirect a website to, preventing access to the website.

3. Under conditions, selecting Match All will force all conditions that need to be met for an action to trigger. For this example, we have created a condition for URL as well as Titlebar. 

  • URL Contains
  • Titlebar Contains website is not available

3. By default, this alarm will only trigger and report to the ActivTrak Alarm Log. This can be customized to include any admin user to be notified by e-mail, or set a pop-up message to notify the end-user that accessing this site is not permitted. Set the alarm to collect a single screenshot, to get a screenshot image of this, and any other tabs that may be open in the browser.

NOTE: This is only an alarm to notify when a user is trying to access a blocked website. To learn more about how to block websites click here.

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