File Sharing

The File Sharing Alarm is one of the default alarms provided in all accounts. This alarm can be used to keep track of users' file-sharing activities. Below is a step-by-step guide on how we created this alarm. 


How To:

1. Navigate to the Alarms > Configuration page on the Dashboard and click on Create New Alarm. 

2. Name the alarm and choose the Activity Alarm option.

3. Once the new alarm page has been brought up, you will see the title you created in the top left. Below the title, there will be an option to select groups to apply the alarm to if you are on a trial of an advanced account. The default is set to All Users and Computers.

4. Under conditions, selecting Match Any will allow any of the conditions to be met for the action to be triggered. For this example, we have created a condition for popular file-sharing sites such as)

  • mega

5. To set a screenshot to be captured or a pop-up to be sent to the user when the alarm is triggered, simply toggle the button next to those options.

6. When a monitored user has been selected to receive the email notification, an email subject and body will need to be set. Keep in mind that anything with "$" around it, (For example, $Time$) is a variable, and when the email is sent, it will have this information properly filled out. You may also set an alarm risk score in order to gauge how likely a user is to be at a higher risk for triggering an alarm.

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