ActivTrak User Deleted

All new ActivTrak Accounts are given a variety of default alarms that display the full functionality of our alarm capabilities. Any existing accounts without these alarms can also follow this walkthrough to create the same alarm.


How To:

1. First, go to the Alarms > Configuration on the Dashboard and click on Create New Alarm, type in a title such as "ActivTrak User Deleted" and select Security Audit.

2. Once the new alarm page has been brought up, the title that was created will be shown in the top left. 

3. Under conditions, selecting Match Any will trigger the alarm if any of the conditions are met. For this example, we have selected the conditions Field: Event Name and Operator: contains for all three of these values. 

  • DeleteUsers
  • DeleteSomeUsers
  • DeleteSomeComputers

4. Once the conditions have been set properly, actions will become configurable. For a Security Audit Alarm, a screenshot and pop-up message are not configurable as this is reporting based on events that happen to the ActivTrak Web Dashboard. 

5. Once a user has been selected to receive the email notification, an email subject and body will need to be set. We have provided an example for you to copy below. Keep in mind that anything with "$" around it, (For example, $Time$) is a variable, and when the email is sent, it will have this information properly filled out.


$User$ deleted either a User or Computer

Email Body:

$AlarmName$ fired at $Time$
$User$ deleted one or more users or computers.
Details on deletion: $ActionData$

$Description$ $EventName$ $ActionType$

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