Release Notes 3.46

Today’s release 3.46 release includes a few new improvements to our current features based on customer feedback and requests.  We included enhancements to Reporting Global Filters, Working Hours report, the Screenshot Redaction feature, and addressed several bug fixes.

Global Filters

We enhanced the custom date filtering functionality to improve response time for reports with a large amount of history. With this release, results will only be returned when both the first and last dates have been selected. In addition, we have updated how users enter custom dates by creating a new calendar picker that is faster and easier to select the first and last dates.


Working Hours Report Configuration

We continue to update our newest and very popular Working Hours report. We have now added a column displaying the user's Total Time to augment the data previously available.  Similar to other data reports, users can now select which columns are shown within the UI to allow focus on the important data needed for analysis. 

Screenshot Redaction Information Types

We have made a minor change in how redaction information types are made available to customers who have the Screenshot Redaction option. When new redaction info types are available, these options are now seamlessly presented to the users allowing for more flexibility and protection of sensitive data.

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