"DefaultUser1" Who Is It, How Does It Interact with My Account, and What to Do About It

In rare situations, you may see a user named "defaultuser100000", "defaultuser100001" or similar. Windows will usually automatically remove this profile once the task is completed, meaning it will typically not show up in your list of Users. For more information on temporary user profiles, please refer to Microsoft's documentation here

The ActivTrak agent will assign a license to any user that it sees on a monitored machine, even if Windows ends up deleting it, typically only recording a few system-level events inside the Activity Log. While not necessarily detrimental, this can cause a license to be expended and potentially bring you over the user limit.

There are two methods to resolve this:

  • Delete the user in Settings > Users & Groups > User Agents; click here for a step-by-step guide.
  • Add "defaultuser" to the list of users on the Do Not Track list, found under Settings or by selecting the user from the User Agents page and clicking 'Do Not Track'. For more information on using the Do Not Track feature click here.

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