New Install - Agent Not Reporting (Windows OS) Troubleshooting

After installing ActivTrak onto a new machine data should begin uploading to the platform within a few minutes. However, if data does not appear after a couple of minutes have passed there are a few steps that can be verified to ensure the software was installed properly.  

Confirm the following:

1) Ensure that you are installing the software within Admin credentials. ActivTrak can only be installed by an Admin of the machine you are attempting to monitor.

2) Verify that the download is not being blocked by Windows: Unblock Agents

3) Confirm that you have downloaded the Agent during a scheduled monitoring time. If the install happens outside of the scheduled times, the user will appear the next time they are active on the machine during an available monitoring time. You can view, edit, and apply schedules to users here, ActivTrak Schedule

4) In order for ActivTrak to send and retrieve data, the service SVCTCOM and process SCTHOST must be running. This can be checked within the task manager on the monitored machine. SVCTCOM will be listed under 'Services' and SCTHOST under 'Details'. If neither appears to be listed and security software is installed, reference the whitelist paths below. If SVCTCOM and SCTHOST are shown, right-click on the service SVCTCOM and select 'Restart'.

In order to ensure there are no conflicts due to an antivirus or firewall, the following paths will need to be allowed.

1) Agent Whitelist Addresses for Antivirus and Firewall

If the previous steps have been verified, please reach out to or initiate a chat session from your Dashboard so that support can troubleshoot further with you.

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