New Install - Agent Not Reporting (Windows OS) Troubleshooting

After installing ActivTrak onto a new machine, data should begin uploading to the platform within a few minutes after the user is logged in. If data does not appear, there are several steps that can be taken in order to troubleshoot and identify the issue:

Within the ActivTrak application:

1) Confirm that you have installed the Agent during a scheduled monitoring time. New users are automatically assigned to the Default Schedule, so it is often easiest to keep it 24/7. If the install happens outside of the scheduled times, the user will appear the next time they are active on the machine during the Default Schedule. You can view, edit, and apply schedules to users here: Scheduling.

2) Verify that the user you are expecting to see is not on the Do Not Track list. If they are on this list, they will need to be removed in order to begin collecting data from the Agent. Please note that they will not reappear within the account as a monitored user until they are active on the machine again.

On the monitored computer:

3) Ensure that you are installing the software with Admin credentials. ActivTrak can only be installed by an Admin of the machine you are attempting to monitor.

4) Ensure the installer file was not renamed. This includes your computer adding a (1) or (2) at the end of the file if there were multiple copies in your downloads. Modifying the file name will prevent the agent from being properly installed.

5) Verify that Windows has not flagged the installer as being a potential risk: Unblocking the Agent.

6) In order for ActivTrak to send and retrieve data, the agent must be running. This can be checked within the Task Manager on the monitored machine. SVCTCOM will be listed under the 'Services' tab and SCTHOST under the 'Details' tab. If SVCTCOM and SCTHOST are shown, right-click on the service SVCTCOM and select 'Restart'. Data should begin uploading within a few minutes.

7) Ensure there are no conflicts due to security software on the monitored computer such as antivirus or firewall by allowing the following: Agent Whitelist Addresses for Antivirus and Firewall. Don't forget to check the built-in Microsoft Defender, if applicable, as it is a very common culprit.

Note: It is possible for the agent to be disabled on some computers but not others, so you should still check whitelisting even if other computers are reporting normally. It is also possible for the agent to work for a while and then suddenly stop, for example due to an antivirus update.


For further assistance, please reach out to Paid plans can also initiate a chat session with Support while logged in to the account.

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