New Install - Agent Not Reporting (macOS) Troubleshooting

After installing ActivTrak onto a new machine, data should begin uploading to the platform within a few minutes. If data does not appear there are a few steps that can be verified to ensure the software was installed properly and the user will be tracked.


1. Credentials

Ensure that the software is being installed with admin credentials. ActivTrak can only be installed by an admin of the machine intended to be monitored.

2. Permissions

If running Catalina or later, the installer may require permission to install; the steps for granting this permission can be found in this guide.

3. Gatekeeper

MacOS includes a feature called Gatekeeper, which has options to only allow trusted software from the App Store and/or identified developers. If Gatekeeper is preventing the installation of legitimate software such as ActivTrak, the feature can be disabled either temporarily or permanently by following the steps in this guide.

4. Do Not Track

Check under Settings > Users & Groups > Do Not Track to ensure the user is not on the list. If they are on this list, they will need to be removed in order for the Agent to begin collecting data. They will not appear in the list of users until the next time they are active during their assigned schedule.

5. Scheduling

Check under Settings > Scheduling to ensure the agent was installed during a scheduled monitoring time. New users are automatically assigned to the Default Schedule, so it is often easiest to keep it 24/7. If the install happens outside of the scheduled monitoring times, the user will not appear until the next time they are active during the Default Schedule. The schedule is based on the time zone on the end-users machine. This means that if users are in a different time zone than your account's time zone, the difference in hours will need to be calculated and reflected in the schedules created.

6. Whitelisting

If there is security software such as antivirus or a firewall in place, it is possible that the ActivTrak services will be blocked, preventing the uploading of data. In order to ensure there are no conflicts, this whitelist guide will need to be followed. Please note: it is possible for the agent to be disabled on some computers but not others, so whitelisting still needs to be checked even if other computers are reporting normally. It is also possible for the agent to work for a while and then suddenly stop, for example due to an antivirus update.


If the previous steps have been verified, please reach out to or initiate a chat session from your Dashboard so that support can troubleshoot further with you.

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