Previous Install - Agent Stopped Reporting (macOS) Troubleshooting

If the ActivTrak Agent has suddenly stopped reporting there are several steps that can be taken in order to troubleshoot and identify the issue.


1. License Count

Although customers on our paid plans (Advanced and Premium) receive a 7-day grace period to take the required actions to true up your ActivTrak account when the account is oversubscribed, if the account is not trued up within that time, all App Access users will lose access to data and reports. Given that, confirm that you are not over the user license limit. If over the limit and you are past your 7-day grace period, users will either need to be deleted or additional licenses will need to be purchased. The limit can be seen next to the 'Reporting Users' icon shown below.


2. Agent Version

Check to see when the Agent last reported and if they are on the latest version of ActivTrak. You can view both the last activity date and Agent version from the Settings > Users & Groups > User Agents under 'Computers'. The latest version for Mac OS is If running an outdated version, just download a new Agent directly from the dashboard as that will always host the most recent version.


3. Filters

Verify that all user and date filters are set correctly as this common mistake can prevent data from appearing. The filters will be located at the top of all applicable pages, an example is shown below. 


4. Do Not Track

Check under Settings > Users & Groups > Do Not Track to ensure the user is not on the list. If they are on this list, they will need to be removed in order for the Agent to begin collecting data. They will not appear in the list of users until the next time they are active during their assigned schedule.


5. Scheduling

Check under Settings > Scheduling to confirm that the user is assigned to the intended schedule. The schedule is based on the time zone on the end-users machine. This means that if users are in a different time zone than your account's time zone, the difference in hours will need to be calculated and reflected in the schedules created.


6. Restart Agent

On the monitored machine, you will want to check that the agent is running and restart it.

  • Do a spotlight search for “Activity Monitor”. It will be the first application to show up:mceclip2.png
  • Inside Activity Monitor, look under the CPU tab for "SCTHOST" and "SCTHOSTP":mceclip1.png
  • If neither appears to be listed and security software is installed, reference the whitelist paths below.
  • If they are shown, click on one of them and then click on “Force Quit” in the top left. Once one has been done, do the same for the other. They should both reappear within a few seconds and data should begin uploading with five minutes.


7. Whitelisting

If there is security software such as antivirus or a firewall in place, it is possible that the ActivTrak services will be blocked, preventing the uploading of data. In order to ensure there are no conflicts, this whitelist guide will need to be followed. Please note: it is possible for the agent to be disabled on some computers but not others, so whitelisting still needs to be checked even if other computers are reporting normally. It is also possible for the agent to work for a while and then suddenly stop, for example due to an antivirus update.


If the previous steps have been verified, please reach out to or initiate a chat session from your Dashboard so that support can troubleshoot further with you.

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