Previous Install - Agent Stopped Reporting (macOS) Troubleshooting

If an ActivTrak Agent has suddenly stopped reporting, there are several steps that can be taken in order to troubleshoot and identify the issue:

Within the ActivTrak application:

1) Check the icon with the number of reporting users / number of licenses in the upper right by your email address to confirm you are not over the license limit. You will also typically see a red warning banner along the top of the screen. Although paying customers receive a 14-day grace period to take the required actions when the account is oversubscribed, if you have exceeded your user limit and are past the grace period, all App Access users will lose access to data and reports. Data will still be collected, but it will not be viewable until you either delete users or purchase new licenses.

Note: Free plans are only allowed 3 users and 3GB of storage; if you have exceeded either of these limits, data will still be collected, but it will not be viewable until you either delete users and/or data, or upgrade to a paid plan.

2) Check to see when the Agent last reported and if they are on the latest version of ActivTrak. You can view both the Last Log Record and Agent Version from the Computer Agents page. The latest version for Mac OS will be listed here. If the Agent Version is outdated, download a new Agent directly from the Dashboard as that will always host the most recent version. Then deploy using one of these methods.

3) Verify that all Date Range and User/Group filters are set correctly as this common mistake can prevent data from appearing. The filters will be located along the top of all applicable pages.

4) Confirm that the user(s) are being monitored during the desired time-frame(s). You can view, edit, and apply schedules to users here: Scheduling.

Note: Schedules are based on the time zone set on the user's machine.

5) Verify that the user you are expecting to see is not on the Do Not Track list. If they are on this list, they will need to be removed in order to begin collecting data from the Agent. Please note that they will not reappear within the account as a monitored user until they are active on the machine again.


On the monitored computer:

6) In order for ActivTrak to send and retrieve data, the agent must be running. This can be checked within the Activity Monitor on the monitored machine.  SCTHOST and SCTHOSTP will be listed under the 'CPU' tab. If SCTHOST and SCTHOSTP are shown, click on one of them and then click on 'Force Quit' in the top left. Once one has been done, do the same for the other. They should both reappear within a few seconds and data should begin uploading within a few minutes.



7) Ensure there are no conflicts due to security software on the monitored computer such as antivirus or firewall by allowing the following: Agent Whitelist Addresses for Antivirus and Firewall.

Note: It is possible for the agent to be disabled on some computers but not others, so you should still check whitelisting even if other computers are reporting normally. It is also possible for the agent to work for a while and then suddenly stop, for example due to an antivirus update.

8) Ensure ActivTrak is granted the proper permissions by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left and opening 'System Preferences'. Then click on 'Security and Privacy' and the 'Privacy' tab. Check the box next to scthostp under both 'Accessibility' and 'Screen Recording'.


For further assistance, please reach out to Paid plans can also initiate a chat session with Support while logged in to the account.

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