Release Notes Windows Agent 8.0

ActivTrak released Windows Agent 8.0 with significant enhancements to improve agent stability, URL capture and supported USB device monitoring. 

Please note: We are in the process of rolling out this new agent to customers. Auto-updates will be available to all accounts in phases. It will be available for download this week. If you would like to take advantage of this new version immediately, please contact support.

Enhanced URL capture 

This latest Windows agent release includes improved URL capture ensuring complete website metrics and reporting, better reliability of URL triggered alarms and website blocking features. 8.0 features enhancements to our URL detection algorithm via newly improved search pattern recognition. 

Additional USB devices

In addition to our current support storage USB devices such as thumb drives, 8.0 now allows for detecting when encrypted drives and non-storage USB devices such as when phones are inserted and data is transferred. Anytime a non-storage USB device is inserted, the activity is recorded as “USB INSERTED” in the activity log. Advanced Accounts can also set up USB alarms to notify via a pop-up message, email or webhooks.

Video Resolution

With 8.0, we have significantly improved the resolution of videos captured by alarms. This improvement allows for greater detail of video images during playback.

Minor updates:

  • Improvements were made to screenshot capture when multiple alarms with the same time durations are triggered. Now the agent will not take more than one screenshot in the same time frame, thereby reducing the data stored and using the same screenshot for multiple alarms.
  • Similarly, 8.0 includes the ability for multiple videos to record simultaneously when alarm conditions for multiple video alarms are met.  
  • When an agent is uninstalled, the agent will remove all blocking of URLs and allow the user to access those previously blocked websites.
  • With the release of 8.0, System Alarms will be logged within the Alarm Log and attributed to the active, logged-in user who performed the change. 
  • Improved localization including using the users’ time format when displaying times in popup alarms.


Bug Fixes:

A few bugs were fixed to improve the overall performance of the agent and auto-updates.

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