Deploying the Agent using the ActivTrak Remote Installer

Our Remote Installer tool is only available to paid accounts and works best when paired with an Active Directory server setup. To use it, you must be on the same network as the destination PC, with domain admin privileges. At this time, the remote installer is only available for PC.

How To:

1. First, download and install the remote installation tool from

2. Next, download the Windows agent from a Home page.

From Admin Panel, use the "Install/Share Agent File" Quick Action:

From Activity Dashboard, use the blue "Download Agent" button:


After steps 1 & 2 you should now have two files in your downloads:


3. Run the RemoteInstaller.msi first. Click "Next" to proceed through the ActivTrak Remote Installer Setup Wizard (note that the Installation Folder selected is where the Remote Installer will be installed, NOT the ActivTrak agent).


Click Install when you reach the final step.


If asked "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" click "Yes" and then wait for it to complete the install.

Click "Finish" and as long as the Launch option remains checked, the Remote Installer will then automatically open. Otherwise, navigate to the installation folder selected in the previous step to open it. 



4. First, click "Browse" under Source and navigate to where the downloaded agent was saved in step 2. By default, this will usually be in "Downloads". Once the agent has been mapped, the remote install tool will show the agent version.

5. Next, specify where the agent needs to be installed under Target. There are three options: enter the computer name, its IP address, or click "Browse" to find the computer on the network.

After entering the computer information, the "Check Status" button can initiate a query to ensure the computer can connect and check whether an agent is already installed.

After steps 4 & 5 the window should look similar to this:


Or, if an existing agent was detected:


6. Once the connection is established and shows Agent Status, click "Install" (or "Uninstall" if removing the agent) to remotely install the agent to that computer.


NOTE: Sometimes Chrome activity will appear as "URL Unavailable." The Windows agent has the ability to leverage a Chrome extension to gather URL information when no URL is visible. Check the box next to "Chrome Extension" for this option, keeping in mind that "ActivTrak Assist" will be visible to the end user along with their other browser extensions.

7. Once the installation (or uninstallation) is complete, the Remote Installer will provide a confirmation message:



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