Release Notes 3.47

This release is all about enhancements to the popular features including eight new enhanced alarms and adjusting the historical classification for websites with differing protocols. In addition, we’ve made a few minor UI adjustments and fixed minor bugs.

New Enhanced Alarms

With the release of 3.47, we have added eight new alarms to your alarm configuration page (note: none are enabled). These new alarms are based on best practices and sourced from alarms customers have enabled and found success. You’ll see alarms highlighting all three alarm types: Activity, USB, and Security Alarms. We have pre-populated the notification messages to make it easy for you to turn on notifications, add the names of users to receive the notifications, and respond quickly. To learn more about these alarms and how to enable them, see the alarms page in the Help Center. 

We found the older default alarms were not as helpful as the new enhanced alarms and have removed those from customers who did not have them enabled. 

Normalizing Historic Website Entries

A while back we optimized how the website data is treated for category and productivity classifications. Previously, sister websites with a differing protocol such as or were treated as two distinct websites. These distinct websites needed to be classified separately and reported separately.  After that change, all websites going forward are normalized and sister sites are treated the same and only need to be classified once.

With the release of 3.47, we have normalized the historical data of sister websites. In addition, for classified sites, we have assigned the category/productivity from ‘sister’ sites when available. This will clean up your reporting and reduce the number of websites that need classification.

Minor Updates

  • Working Hours report now exports the time columns (Total Time, Active Time, Productive, Unproductive, Undefined, Idle) in the hours:minutes: seconds format in addition to the total seconds format. 
  • Groups’ selection within the Access page: We have made a minor update to how users assign viewable groups to users with app access. The UX of selecting a group is now consistent with the user experience of selecting a group throughout the app. 


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