Sharing the Agent via Cloud Storage

Sometimes it may be necessary to share the installer with an end-user who is remote. If their computer is not bound to an Active Directory server, or you do not have remote access to the machine, it may be necessary to have the end-user run the installer themselves. 


We've outlined three cloud storage providers below and the methods by which you can send the app to your end users using them. 


First, log in to your Dropbox account and on the Home page click on "Upload Files"Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_11.02.30_AM.png


Next, navigate to where you saved the ActivTrak agent. By default, this will usually be your downloads folder.



Once Dropbox finishes uploading your file, you'll be able to mouse over it and click "Share".


You'll then be asked who you want to share it with and have an option to enter a custom message. Enter the email you want the file shared with and then click "Share".



The person you shared the file with will receive an email from Dropbox with a link to download the file.




Click "View File" and use the drop-down arrow on the "Open" button to download the file.




This will download the installer to their computer where they will be able to install it normally.


Google Drive


First, log into your Google account at and navigate to your personal drive. 

Next, click on the " + " symbol in the top left and choose "File Upload".




You'll then be directed to find the file you want to upload. By default, when you download the ActivTrak agent from , it should go to your Downloads folder.



Once the upload finishes, you should see a confirmation in the bottom right of the screen.




Now, find the file inside your Google Drive, right-click on it, and select "Share".




On the next screen you'll have two options for sharing the file:

  1. By Clicking on "Get Shareable Link", Google will generate a URL that you can send directly to the intended recipient via chat programs like Slack or Teams.
  2. Alternatively, we can enter their email and click "Send". 


If you opt to use the email method your recipient will be sent an email that looks like this:



Clicking "Open" will take them to Google Drive where they can download the installer.



After the installer is saved locally to their machine, they can the file and install ActivTrak on their computer normally. 


Microsoft OneDrive


Sign into OneDrive with your Microsoft credentials and navigate to your "Files" page, then click "Upload" and "Files".


You'll then be directed to find the file you want to upload. By default, when you download the ActivTrak agent from , it should go to your Downloads folder.




Select the installer and it will upload to your OneDrive folder.

Next, find the newly uploaded file inside the "Files" Page and mouse over it. You'll see three dots that can be clicked on. Click those dots, and then click "Share".



You'll now have two options for sharing the file:


  1. You can send the URL directly via a chat program like Slack or Teams in which case, you'll click "Copy Link" and see the following screen:

  2. You can enter in an email address and click "Send".

If you opt for option 2, your recipient will see a message like this:



They only need to click on "Open", which will direct them to OneDrive where they can download the file:


Once the file is downloaded to their machine, they can run the installer normally and install ActivTrak. 

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