All You Need to Know About Site Blocking

For information regarding how to block sites and set up blocking on a user's machine, proceed to this link.

This article will detail the few caveats to use our blocking feature will have and some steps to ensure you set it up the way that you want in order to ensure optimal usage. 

Blocking can only be done on a Per-Computer Basis

This means that no matter the user that is logged into the machine, the website will be blocked

A website will be redirected to or a message stating that it cannot be accessed. mceclip0.png

Blocking will be based on group selections if you do not want to block a website across the whole organization. 

Blocking is done through the Hosts file, so if there is an Anti-Virus, Firewall, or other DNS Filter installed on the machine or network, the machine may attempt to use those settings before those that are implemented by us. 

Putting a user on the Do Not Track list will not remove blocking from a machine as this is machine-based. If you wish to not monitor a user, but block website access, you will need to log into the machine with a user who is not on the Do Not Track list to ensure an update to the blocking list has been made.

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