Why less data is often recorded when end-users remote into workstations.

It is not uncommon for end-users to work remotely and connect to their office workstation. However, a common question that ActivTrak support receives is why fewer logs and screenshots seem to be recorded when users are remote. 

It is important to remember that only the machine with the software installed will continuously record data. Therefore, if ActivTrak is installed onto a laptop and the user remotes into a workstation without the software, no data from the virtual machine (VM) will be recorded. One way to decipher if this is happening is by looking at the Activity log. The log will show the remote desktop connection and continue to track the time within the application. Since the laptop has mouse/keyboard activity screenshots will still be captured; however detailed descriptions of the activity within the VM will not appear. 

In order to avoid missing activity, we recommend having ActivTrak installed on every machine the end-users will connect to. If operating in an Active Directory network where users can access any machine under the same profile, this will not take an additional license. Otherwise, all machines will need to be taken into consideration in regard to licenses. 

When using remote desktop environments as secondary workstations, ActivTrak support can assist in implementing updated computer settings designed to optimize reporting for this type of scenario.

Contact ActivTrak support via chat or email support@activtrak.com for more details.

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