Submitting a Feature Request

At ActivTrak, we take feature requests seriously and love hearing from our users on what improvements they would like to see within the platform. We not only look at how it will benefit your use case but for our customer base as a whole. Therefore when submitting a feature request it is important to define the following:

  1. Detailed information on the feature you are requesting. For example, if submitting a feature request for more in-depth reporting around passive time, the request should include the types of details that would be beneficial to have available within the report. 
  2. Any issues that are arising due to the lack of the feature you are requesting. 
  3. The problem you are attempting to solve with the addition of this new feature. 

It is important to note that submitting a feature request does not mean that it will be implemented by our technology team; only that they will review and prioritize requests accordingly. You can submit your feature request(s) by emailing with the information outlined above.

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