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Real-time Troubleshooting

There are currently only a couple of things that we can use for Real-time troubleshooting without escalating to Cliff. We will want to ensure that Debug Logs are being collected, and both SVCTCOM_Trace.log and SVCTCOM_Trace.log are being generated at this time.

If Realtime is failing to load into the dashboard, we want to check the following:

Open Admin Command Line(Terminal for Mac) and run the command:

netstat -an

An example of what the CMD Line will return is below.


We will want to ensure that a connection to either of these IP Addresses is established for Realtime. If there are connections to both of these, that is an issue that should be escalated to Cliff.

If there are no connections to either of the IP addresses, ensure that you can navigate to the following URLs in a browser.

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Tyler Winn