ActivTrak is Certified for Catalina OS Notarization (Mac Agent & Installer 7.0.1 Release Notes)

The new 7.0.1 Mac Agent fully complies with Apple’s Catalina OS (macOS v10.15) notarization requirements, which are slated to come into effect sometime in January 2020. In anticipation of the upcoming change, ActivTrak’s Mac Agent was updated and certified to meet Catalina’s strict notarization ahead of schedule preventing end-users from receiving any warning messages on their computers. 

Along with stricter notarization, Apple is now informing end-users the first time an application takes a screenshot. To prevent disruption, ActivTrak’s new Mac Agent will automatically take a screenshot immediately upon installation so that  Apple’s notification is shown to the administrator installing the agent and not the end-user.

Please note: The Mac Agent installer package should not be renamed. Renaming this installer package will prevent the Mac Agent from successfully installing. Additionally, if your admin has saved the previous installer package to facilitate deployments, then they will need to download this new installer package.

If you have issues with the new MacAgent installer please contact 


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