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Release Notes: RDA Now Includes Categories

ActivTrak’s latest release improves our Raw Data Access feature by increasing the data available. Raw Data Access is an add-on feature that provides programmatic access to every activity of every user all in one table. Customers use Raw Data Access to create personalized reports, push behavior data to your existing infrastructure, and perform any query needed — all from the simple query interface of Google’s BigQuery.

New Data Available

With this release, we have added the category for each activity to the data available. In addition to productivity assignments, categories provide the context of what your employees are working on. Employees work across many applications and websites throughout the day and Activtrak’s data allows you to see the exact document or subpage your employee is working on. However, when analyzing a team’s or individual’s workflow, the category provides a higher level context of the kinds of activities your employees are working on. 

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