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Uninstall the Agent from a Windows PC

To uninstall the ActivTrak Agent, you will need a copy of the MSI file from the Account that you originally used to monitor the machine. You can get this by going to and clicking on the Blue Download ActivTrak Here button in the top right corner. For this article, we will be downloading the Windows Agent.


Once the agent is download, double click it in your download location to run it. 


You will receive the following screen with the setup wizard walking you through the uninstall process. Click Next to proceed.


Generally, you will want to remove the software, even during a reinstallation. This will go through the normal uninstall process. If your agent version is out of date, this may prompt you to upgrade. That is fine as this will allow you to uninstall immediately after. 


Once Remove has been selected, you will receive a final confirmation window. Select Remove, and if necessary, enter an administrator password for the computer.


Once the agent has been successfully uninstalled, you will receive the following dialogue box confirming successful uninstallation.


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Tyler Winn