Enhanced External Notifications Release Notes (3.48)

ActivTrak’s latest release includes enhanced external notifications allowing for easy-to-use and read alarm notifications within Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any custom webhook of your choosing. In addition, we have fixed 4 bugs to improve the usability of the app.

Enhanced External Notifications

For each alarm, users now have the opportunity to send external notifications in addition to emails. These external notifications extend the previous feature of webhook notifications by making it easier to send notifications to the two popular messaging tools - Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

When configuring an alarm, you can now select Slack, Microsoft Teams, or enter a custom webhook URL. When selecting Slack or Microsoft Teams you will enter your company’s custom chat webhook URLs to allow for alarm notifications to appear within a messaging app channel. This notification will include all the pertinent alarm information such as Alarm Name with a link back to the alarm log, Time and date alarm fired, User and computer who fired the alarm, and details on the app or website visited. 

Sample Slack Notification: 


Sample Microsoft Teams Notification: image__36_.png


Minor Updates

  • Report loading has been reengineered to improve report loading speed. 
  • Real-time pause: The real-time feature screens expose what employees screens for viewing exactly what they are working on at any given time and it refreshes every few seconds. This feature now includes a toggle to pause the refresh allowing accounts with a significant number of employees the ability to view all screens prior to the refresh. 
  • Video Configuration Link: Within the video history page, users now have a link back to the configuration of video alarms.
  • The list of websites within the Blocking feature now includes pagination to improve functionality when a large number of websites are blocked.
  • Real-time Settings page has been renamed to Configuration. 
  • Bug fixes including:
    • Fixed an issue within the Top Websites report where the duration listed was incorrect when filtered for undefined productivity assignment. 
    • Fixed issues with Filters where the date range selection was not operating correctly/
    • Fixed issues across reports to allow for copying a website's URL correctly. 

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