Idle Time - Now labeled as Passive Time

ActivTrak has changed the label of Idle Time to Passive Time to convey a more accurate reflection of time away from the computer, but perhaps still working time. 

The formal definition still remains the same, Passive Time is any time that the user has no mouse or keyboard activity for more than two minutes. Previously, the term "Idle" implied that the end-user was not being productive during the time in which the machine was idle. While this can be the case in some scenarios, it is more likely that the user could be on a phone call, viewing a video, attending a meeting, or other work-related activities that might not require mouse or keyboard activity.

This change will affect the product wherever Idle Time was mentioned including dashboards, reports, and exports. 

If you have any questions regarding end-user activity around Passive Time, please feel free to reach out to ActivTrak Support at

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