How to Adjust the Multi-Screenshot Feature

One of the features of the Advanced plan is the ability to capture multiple screenshots for an activity. By default, the agent will capture one screenshot whenever a user is active in a window for at least 20 seconds.

To change this, create a custom alarm with the following conditions:

  • Match All 
  • Field: Duration(seconds)
  • Operator: Greater Than
  • Value: 10
  • Case Sensitive: No

Then scroll down to the Screen Captures box under Actions and enable the following conditions:

  • Capture Screenshots When The Alarm Is Triggered
  • Multiple Screenshots
  • Every 10 seconds

These conditions will tell the agent to capture a screenshot when a user is active on a window for ten seconds and continue to capture screenshots every ten seconds after that.



NOTE: There is no way to continuously capture screenshots after x amount of seconds the whole time the user is logged in and working. This is because alarms are based on the active window. Therefore, each time the users access a new site or application the counter restarts. 

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