How to Adjust the Multi-Screenshot Feature

One of the features of the Advanced and Premium plans is the ability to capture multiple screenshots for an activity. By default, the agent will capture one screenshot whenever a user is active in a window for at least 20 seconds.

To change this, create a new alarm with the following conditions:

  • Match All 
  • Field: Duration(seconds)
  • Operator: Greater Than
  • Value: 10
  • Case Sensitive: No

Then scroll down to the Screen Captures box under Actions and enable the following conditions:

  • Capture Screenshots When The Alarm Is Triggered
  • Multiple Screenshots
  • Every 10 seconds

These conditions will tell the agent to capture a screenshot when a user is active on a window for ten seconds and continue to capture screenshots every ten seconds after that.



NOTE: There is no way to continuously capture screenshots after x amount of seconds the whole time the user is logged in and working. This is because alarms are based on the active window. Therefore, each time the users access a new site or application the counter restarts. 

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