Receiving Slack and Microsoft Teams Notifications via Webhook

External Notifications, formerly called Webhooks, are a way to receive a notification or to take action based on data that we send via an external notification. To set up an external notification to a popular messaging app such as Slack or Microsoft teams is now even easier! 

From the Alarms page, you can choose to edit an existing alarm or create a new alarm to configure the notification. 


We currently have support for Slack and Microsoft Teams as a way to send a message, however, the option to choose a custom URL is also present. 


For guidance on how to enable incoming Webhooks for Slack and MS Teams, please follow the appropriate guide. 

Slack Incoming Webhooks Guide

Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhooks Guide

Once the Webhook URL has been successfully set up, your notification will appear like the following example in Slack, where anything within the "$" will be the actual information as it appears in the Activity Log and Alarm Log. 

Example of Microsoft Teams notification:


Example of Slack Notification:


A direct link to the Alarm log will also be available, and you can go to the Alarm itself and edit it if necessary.

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