Steps To Take Before Requesting Account Deletion

The unfortunate time may come when ActivTrak is no longer needed and therefore an account deletion is desired. Account deletions are scheduled out and performed in batches; this allows a window of time to reverse the decision by contacting requesting to remove the account from the deletion list. 

If the account is scheduled for deletion a message similar to the following will appear. 


However, before the account is added to the deletion list we recommend completing the following steps. 

 1. Uninstall the Agent from all computers, (Uninstalling ActivTrak). We recommend using the remote uninstaller option to also remove the unwanted data from the account. This will delete all data and it is unrecoverable so all needed data should be reviewed and exported first. 

2. Remove account access from anyone you may have invited to use the app. This is different than “monitored users”  (Access to Employees). If there is another admin within the ActivTrak account, they will also have the ability to reverse the account deletion. 

3. Unsubscribe yourself from the Weekly Digest.

4. Disable all Alarms within the account. 


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