Windows 10 Smartscreen/Defender

A recent update to Windows 10 has flagged ActivTrak for a small number of customers as being potentially malicious software. 

As more users mark the installer as being safe, Windows will learn from these reports and stop flagging the installer, but in the meantime, this article will cover the workaround.

 This should only affect new deployments, so any updates to existing environments should work as they have in the past.

 When you first run the installer, you will be presented with this screen:


Clicking on "More info" will display the following:


If we go back to the .msi file, right-click, and choose "Properties", you'll see this:


This is the attribute that Windows Defender is looking for when deciding whether or not to run the file. We simply need to click "Unblock" and then we will be able to run the installer normally.

If you are deploying using the remote installer or via Active Directory, checking this box on this source installation file will allow you to push it to the target computer as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to so we can assist.




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