Steps To Take Before Canceling / Downgrading the ActivTrak Subscription

Companies are continually expanding and contracting; so it's understandable that there may come a time when the ActivTrak subscription needs to be canceled entirely or decreased by a few licenses. If this time comes, it is important to take a few precautionary steps within the account before requesting the subscription change. If these steps are not taken the account will risk going over the license and or storage limit which will, in turn, will lock down access to the data. 

The following steps should be taken:

1. Export all needed information for the monitored users, (Exporting Users).

2. Uninstall the Agent from computers that no longer need to be monitored (Uninstalling ActivTrak) or add users to the (Do Not Tracklist).

3. Contact our Billing Team at in regards to the account downsizing.

4. If the account is not being downsized but canceled entirely, fill out the Cancellation Form in regards to canceling the account. Please note that accounts cannot be canceled in the middle of an active subscription. In order to review the account renewal date; select 'Upgrade Plan' located at the top of the dashboard within the ActivTrak platform. From there, the current plan will be visible with the renewal date shown. 

5. If the account is not being downsized but canceled entirely with the intention to delete the account, please follow These Steps.








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