Storage Page and Last Computer Log

The storage page will hold all of the information that may be necessary in order to ensure that an Agent is reporting in properly to the WebApp's Dashboard. You may select to view your Users or Computers that you have the agent installed on. 


From Left to right, the information that is displayed is as follows:

  • Primary Domain
    • The name of the Domain the machine is connected to if any. Otherwise, this may just state "Workgroup" since this is what Windows defaults to non-domain joined machines.
    • For Chrome Agents, this is the domain name of the invited e-mail.
  • Computer
    • The computer name of the machine reporting in from the domain.
  • Computer Alias
    • Name of the computer that you have set inside Settings>Alias. This will display instead of the machine name that was reported in.
  • Agent Version
    • This will detail what the last version of the agent that has reported in.
  • Agent Operating System
    • This will show the Operating System that the agent has reported in from on the machine.
  • Last Log Record
    • The last log we received from the machine. This will update when you select Refresh if the agent is reporting in.
  • Last Screenshot
    • The last screenshotted image we received from the machine. 
  • Last Video
    • Only applicable for those accounts who have purchased the Video Add-on. This will show the last video we received from the machine.
  • # of Log Records/Screenshots/Videos
    • This is an integer value of how many individual logs, images, or videos we have for the machine. 
  • Total Storage
    • This value displays the total storage in GB we have for a particular computer. If you hover over the Eye, it will display log records vs screenshot storage, and videos if applicable.


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