Why Keeping Screenshot Duration Short is Important

End-Users work within dozens of applications and websites during a single business day; and ActivTrak strives to capture all data in order to provide a story of productivity. 

Due to product design, each new website or application visited will restart a timer in order to calculate the accurate time spent on that piece of software. Therefore, it is important to keep a short duration in mind when setting up screenshots within alarms. We usually do not advise setting initial screenshot durations higher than one minute.  ActivTrak's goal is to capture each step taken, to build that story of productivity. The longer the initial duration to capture a screenshot is, the more likely it is that screenshot won't be captured for the user activity. 

The initial duration is set within the alarm conditions as shown:


All screenshots after that for the same alarm activity will be through multiple screenshots. These can be set at a greater duration as they do not affect the alarm being triggered and only gather additional information. 



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