Idle Time is Now Passive Time Release Notes (3.49)

ActivTrak’s latest release includes several changes to how we display user time spent away from their computers and minor tweaks to how groups work. Customers rely on ActivTrak for better visibility into their user activities throughout the workday as well as the time they are away from their computers. This latest release renames that time away from the computer from Idle time to Passive time. 

Idle Time is Now Passive Time

Prior to 3.49, users who are not actively typing or clicking on their computer were shown as Idle. With this latest release, we have renamed Idle to Passive to better convey the message that time away from the computer does not mean the user sitting around being idle. Throughout the workday users have many tasks that do not involve using their keyboard or mouse - for example collaborating with a colleague, watching a training video, attending a meeting, or speaking with a customer on the phone. This work is not idle and now time away from the keyboard and mouse are labeled passive. 

This name change to Passive is now evident throughout all the reports and data available in exports and with Raw Data Access. All mentions of Passive time within the Activity Log, Alarm Log, and Real-Time are displayed italicized and gray. This design allows for focus on the activities users are taking and not on the system events or time away from the computer.

In addition to renaming Idle to Passive, we have removed showing Idle Locked from reports and data exports. Previously, Idle Locked was reported without distinction from Idle time (bright yellow throughout all reports and within exports). Users who do not turn off their computers daily previously had large blocks of yellow idle time showing up from the end of one day all the way to the start of the next. Our customers found this confusing and just not helpful, so we have removed it. Now Idle Locked will show just the same as if the computer is in Sleep mode or off completely.

Disable AD Groups

With the latest release, customers who use Active Directory to manage their employees now have more options for how groups are used with ActivTrak.  Many customers use Active Directory for the ease of deploying Windows Agents to their employees’ computers. However, often times the configuration of AD groups do not align with how they want to analyze employee behavior data.  

With the release of ActivTrak 3.49, admins can now disable the AD groups. Disabling the AD groups will prevent those misaligned groups from appearing within ActivTrak filters or reports. This allows the admins to focus on the groups that do align with how they like to analyze the rich employee behavior data available in ActivTrak.  To disable AD groups, go to Settings> Groups and toggle the Enable Active Directory Groups to off.

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