Minor Update Release Notes (3.50)

ActivTrak has migrated subscription management tools to allow for smoother invoicing and payment management. There are no new features included in this release. Customers should be aware there will be a new link to your account management page included in your invoicing emails. 

Please note the following changes:

  • ACH payments: ActivTrak’s online checkout no longer accepts ACH payment methods. We still accept ACH payments via our Sales team. Please contact our sales team at sales@activtrak.com or by calling us at 888-907-0301 to make a purchase or make changes to your current subscription.
  • Internet Explorer 11: ActivTrak’s online checkout no longer supports the IE11 browser.  If you are using IE 11, please switch browsers to one of our supported browsers or contact our support team by using the chat feature, found in the lower right-hand corner of our website and application.

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