Using Terminate Alarms Effectively

ActivTrak's Alarm system allows you to effectively craft alarms for almost any scenario you can think of. In the case of Terminate alarms, ActivTrak will close an app or browser window that could be inappropriate for work or compromising your data.

Terminate alarms will work similarly to other custom alarms in that you will first need to select the conditions that will cause the agent to trigger. Once the desired conditions are created, simply turn on the terminate action and the agent will close any application that meets those conditions.


NOTE: In the example above, the goal is to prevent an employee from accessing, where they could potentially upload sensitive documents that you don't want leaving the company.

Depending on if you are using a discreet deployment method, this may or may not be the ideal action as users will notice when their apps are being closed and may question it. It's worth noting there is no graphical indication as to why the application was closed. These terminate alarms also pair nicely with Email Alerts and External Notifications.

For more information on custom-alarms click here and for a step-by-step on how to create terminate alarms click here.

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